Integrate iCanPlot Library Into Your Web App

iCanPlot library is built using the Canvas element which has been introduced as part of the HTML5 standard. The advantage of using canvas over previous methods is that the figures and images are drawn on the client side, which makes the apps more responsive. Being part of the core standard, no other plugins are required (yes, it will work on your iPad). Almost all major browsers support HTML5 canvas or will do so in the near future.

While HTML5 canvas provides many low level funtions for plotting, e.g., lines, arcs, etc., this library allow users to plot commonly used high level graphs. Currently scatter plots are supported but other type of plots will be added in the future. As canvas plotting is done client side, it is a good platform for creating interactive plots. The motivation to build this library came from our research so we have provided ways to interactively manipulate the data and even do analysis on the fly.

iCanPlot provides the flexibility to integrate plots in your web app in a number of ways, depending on your requirements. Here are a few examples